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AT&T B2B Sales Development Program

The new AT&T B2B Sales Development Program branding resembles a staircase, showing how we climb together by working as a team. The primary colors come from the AT&T Business guidelines, specifically AT&T Blue (Color 3) and Color 5, below.

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 7.58.27 AM.png

There are specific files for print and screen, and within each set are variations intended to be displayed against different backgrounds, giving you maximum flexibility.

Files are provided in four formats: PNG with transparent background, JPG with solid background, SVG and PDF with transparent backgrounds. The files are intended to be placed on top of your desired background. There is also a folder called SQUARES that contains the files shown above with backgrounds.

PNG and JPG are raster formats, meaning that the logos will pixelate if printed beyond a certain size. SVG and PDF are resolution-independent formats, and can be printed at any size. The master files are also provided in Adobe Illustrator format.

Download the assets.