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Christopher Holewski

Christopher Holewski is an art director at Joe Zeff Design.

Christopher blends strong graphic design sensibilities with animation skills to make our publications as interactive as possible. He is the creative force behind each monthly issue of Kids Discover for iPad, which has emerged as one of our prized projects as a result of Christopher's leadership and ambition. Previously, he was the design lead for PC Magazine for iPad, another of our success stories.

He worked as a senior graphic designer at an advertising agency just outside of New York City and as Director of Film and Animation at The Life Christian Church. Along with his BFA in Graphic Design from Montclair State University, Christopher has a passion for architecture, which has led him to personal studies of modern homes and office buildings around the world. When not creating animations and apps, Christopher can be found making woodcuts of vintage BMWs or rebuilding his own

Christopher and his wife live in West Orange, NJ, with their newborn daughter.