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Our story . . .


A 3-minute video that uses animated words and imagery to help employees understand the reasons behind transformation and strategies for success.  

Section 1 / Intro

(0:15) Music begins

Spinning planet —> glowing sphere with dots and lines —> AT&T globe

CEO quote scrolls on top of video, reinforced with audio and music, about new world, transformation, winning . . . 

[ Insert short video clip from SKO, describing the opportunity ]

Section 2 / Culture > Pillars

(0:20) Elastic type like the video example below . . . 

As our world transforms,

so must our organization.

As our organization transforms.

so must our culture.

Culture zooms to dominate the screen, transitioning to words that animate. . . 

How we win:





Section 3 / Pillars

(1:00)  Each message comes on screen with animation — some with video, some with photos, some with icons, some without.

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 9.12.33 AM.png


Above all else, we treat one other with honesty and respect.


We actively remove barriers.

When something works, we share.

When something doesn’t, we work together to find solutions.



We ask lots of questions.

All of us. Every function. Every level.

Working together we convert those questions into answers.


We flatten the organization.

We encourage people to share.

We trust one another.

Section 4 / Taking action

(0:30) Show the four pillars and visual treatments coming together, then transition into visual metaphors, loosely based on what's below as well as what's in the PowerPoint.

We begin today.

With you.

Change doesn't happen by itself.

As you lead, others follow.

And they lead, too.

We’ll all make mistakes.

And that’s OK.

When we make mistakes, we learn.

And we get better.

And smarter.

And faster.

Section 5 / Tools

(45 sec., assuming each tool is quickly referenced with only a label and picture)

Let’s face it, change is hard

And people will respond differently.

Shock plus image

Anger plus image

Resistance plus image

Acceptance plus image

Hope plus image

Image of a toolbox, combined with words

You’ll need the right tools

To support each individual,.

To develop the strategies,

To execute across teams,

And to drive the change we need.

Titles and images move across the screen, along with wrenches turning bolts, etc.

Sarah model 

From to model

Transition through change

Other resources

Section 6 / Close

(0:10) Close with inspirational quote from CEO and reverse of opening animation.

For reference, here's a previous video, about SD-WAN. This new video would have similar type treatments, but no voiceover and diagrams.