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Our story . . .


1. Gloss black Side Power Vents (T2R15225 and T2R15226, $171.50 list each). Replaces existing chrome. Link and link. 

2. Gloss black Grille Surround. (T2R3563, $680 list). Replaces existing chrome. Link. 

3. Gloss black Bumper Beam (T2R2828, $276 list). Replaces existing beam, which was drilled for license plate bracket. Link.

4. Start button, ignis orange (T2R18771, $30.30 list). Replaces existing button, which is lightly worn. Link.

5. Shifter (T2R15998, $655 list). Replaces existing shifter, which is lightly worn. Link. 

6. Smart Key fob replacement. My car came with only one, and the seller said he would reimburse me.

7. InControl Touch Plus / USB/Activation (Navigation software update). (T1000-25009, $199 list.) Link.

Service items

Install accessories above.

Routine service for vehicle with 10K mi.

Top-to-bottom review to see if anything is amiss.

Update navigation software.