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A boutique agency that blends software with storytelling, helping the world's largest companies tell better stories.

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Joe Zeff

Joe Zeff is president of Joe Zeff Design.

Joe started Joe Zeff Design as a design and illustration studio in 2000, blending storytelling techniques with realistic 3D rendering to create covers for Time, Esquire, Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone and other magazines, as well as advertising artwork and corporate communications. 

Joe was among the first to recognize the potential for tablets to transform publishing, and assembled a team of designers and developers to reinvent how books and magazines could be presented on the iPad. JZD became a leader in digital publishing, advising some of the world's biggest brands on how to leverage the new device to achieve their business objectives.

He joined Scrollmotion in 2014, overseeing the design of its product and service offerings. Joe later became President/Chief Creative Officer of its agency, Scrollmotion Blue, working directly with Fortune 500 clients including Apple, General Motors and AT&T to develop custom apps. He helped to win a partnership with Apple that led to the development of Scrollmotion's flagship product, Ingage. He also played a significant role in securing its partnership with WPP.

Before opening JZD, Joe was an editor, reporter and designer at newspapers and magazines. He worked at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Detroit Free Press and The New York Times, where he was the newspaper’s first Presentation Editor in the Metro and Business sections. He then went to Time magazine, where as Graphics Director he led a team that changed the way publications presented infographics, using animation software to create beautifully rendered charts and diagrams.

He lives in Montclair, NJ with his wife, son and beagle. When not working — which is hardly ever — Joe is likely riding his Peloton cycle.