Joe Zeff Design

A boutique agency that blends software with storytelling, helping the world's largest companies tell stories more effectively.

JZD in a nutshell . . . 

Over the past six years I've worked with J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. on the following digital projects:

• Letters to Shareholders app for iPad, designed and developed in real-time while the print edition took shape.

• Interactive tour of the New York City Client Center. The link shows a web-based version of the iPad app we developed.

• Alternative Investments Summit interactive program. I attended the event in Florida and interacted directly with Private Bank clients.

• J.P. Morgan Way app that showcased new technology projects, updated throughout the year.

• Investor Day app that showcased new products. Link shows a video composite of the four apps we produced at Scrollmotion.

• Eye on the Markets data visualization that started with an email to Michael Cembalest.

Other examples of business storytelling:

A storytelling video that explains how businesses would use a new iPad app called Explain Everything.

That same type of content can also be presented as an HTML microsite. 

Here's a looping video (no sound) that we recently finished for Hess, to promote a web feature on Twitter:

This video shows the apps we created for J.P. Morgan Investor Day.

Part of an explainer video we're creating for AT&T about Software Defined Wide Area Networks.

A printed brochure to explain how Unisys' product offerings connect with global commerce trends.