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On the iPad, Books that Refresh Themselves

One of the exciting opportunities in digital publishing is the ability to update content. Unlike a printed book, an iPad edition can be enhanced at any time, providing value to the consumer and renewed marketing opportunities for the publisher. "The Final Hours of Portal 2," Geoff Keighley's app about the blockbuster video game by Valve Software, has been updated with an entirely new chapter that continues the Portal 2 story. The bonus chapter contains exclusive imagery and Geoff's account of how the company extended the game with downloadable modules last week, and what may be next for the franchise.

The app, designed and developed by Joe Zeff Design, was originally published in April and celebrated by Fast Company as "pushing the limits of storytelling." It is available not only for the iPad but the Kindle and through Valve's Steam network.

These types of updates are an important way to stimulate interest in a multimedia property long after its release, and something no publisher should overlook. Similarly, we have enhanced our "Above & Beyond: George Steinmetz" app twice since its initial release, each time adding five additional images, audio commentaries and other content. (Not coincidentally, the Steinmetz app is featured as "What's Hot" in the Books category in 86 iTunes Stores around the world this week.) With more and more iPads in consumers' hands, updates help publishers keep their offerings forever young.